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Nairobi, Kenya
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About Us

we offer a solution with passion for cattle rustling, terrorism and radicalization and peace building in 33 affected counties of Kenya for the  next 26 years without the use of military force

We provide intellectual and material support to the government and communities affected by the aforementioned issues using technology.
We have been given mandate by the government through the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government to supplement their efforts in eradicating cattle rustling and conflict among pastoralists in 33 counties Cattle rustling has been around in the last 400 years and it was not a crime because it was a way of restocking among the pastoralists, it only became bad when commercial raid and harming started. We strongly believes that the frequent killings, displacements, destruction of properties and stealing of livestock will be minimised if communities embrace a friendly type of land use and ownership that discourage movement of animals.
Our Vision
To resettle all disputes and misfortunes caused by cattle rustling in Kenya using home grown solutions
Our Mission Statement
To be a leading organization in combating, preventing and eradicating cattle rustling in Kenya