Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
Nairobi, Kenya
BCP-A offers a solution to cattle rustling, terrorism and radicalization and peace promotion in ASAL areas of Kenya for the next 26 years without using weapons. 
What We Do
Borders Community Peacenet Africa  provides intellectual and material support to the government and communities affected by terrorism, cattle rustling and radicalization and peace building using technology. BCP-A is an umbrella for the Kenya Anti-cattle rustling program (KACR) which is under the ministry of interior.
KACR is a new program which employs technology in tackling the aforementioned issues without using military force. BCP-A programs involves massive counselling of communities and displaced persons affected by cattle rustling, resettling of internally displaced persons, peace programs (using sports) and inter-ethnic reconciliation.
There will also be construction of 40,000 permanent houses (3 bedroomed), modern smart ranches, infrastructure (roads, cable cars for hilly terrains, ICT and stadiums).
our projects
Our projects aim at providing lasting solution with passion for cattle rustling, terrorism and radicalization as well as promoting peace in the cattle rustling affected areas of Kenya without the use of military force. BCP-A projects employ the use of technology to curb the above issues.
  • Pasture Production project
  • sensitization and Capacity building project
  • Community Infrastructure Project
  • Conflict Resolution project
  • Peace Sports
  • Community Empowerment projects
  • Water development project
  • Community Livestock Exhibition Yards
Vision Statement
To resettle all disputes and misfortunes caused by cattle rustling in Kenya using home grown solutions
Mission Statement

To be the leading organization in combating, preventing and eradicating cattle rustling in Kenya

I believe that providing pasture and water to the pastoral communities in Kenya will end conflict among them.
- Dr. James Kandagor Organization CEO/FOUNDER